Over The Tracks But Out Of Time

Only Traces of the Recently Dismantled Pedestrian Bridge Remain — For Now

A paved trail dead-ends at a barricade with a new fence and bay in the background
Heading off into the wild grey yonder, this once-active, pedestrian park path now leads to, at the very least, a dead-end, at the very most a panorama of the bay. An eager set of newer steps trots down with its tail wagging to meet the overpass, only to find the bridge has left for good. A plastic orange and white barricade — the rent-a-cop of the barricade world — does all it can to keep park users from strolling over the brand new fence, through the barbed-wire tangle of blackberries, and off the cliff into a moving railroad coal car.
a long chunk of concrete embedded in the hillside near berry vines
Looking like a bench for elves in a theater of humans, the retired bridge abutment looks out over the bay. Reminiscing its career as a once invisible section of supportive concrete, it someday may be laid to rest by a thicket of blackberry vines before being later exhumed by the gaping jaws of excavators.
a concrete pad with a fence, railroad tracks, and apartment building in the background
At the base of it all: I remember exiting the tower of the overpass on the left side, where the concrete is lighter in color. I have seen in other photos that there was a locked utility room under the stairs on the right-side square. What used to be the towering stair structure above is today only refreshing sea-breezes in the company of quiet condominiums.



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David Scott Spangler

History can be connective. Since I am moved by what remains, I am documenting and sharing remnants of Pacific Northwest history before they vanish forever.