The End of the Tunnel

A Short Pedestrian Tunnel Reveals Both An Earlier Purpose And The Closing Of An Era

A shaded path leads through a mossy, rocky tunnel to the inviting sunshine just beyond.
A view of the south-eastern entrance. Adorned with moss and crowned with an old sign that states only rust, this wonderful little shaded tunnel lives on at the top of the hill. Sadly, it has recently been closed for safety reasons.
black and white view of tunnel right after completion
In this sunny view of the northwestern end of the tunnel taken shortly after its completion, one can see the original rock embankments that have since crumbled away by trees and time. The stone steps on the left leading up to Tunnel Ridge Trail have long vanished, as have the early log-pole railings along the trail above. Note the “ONE WAY” arrow sign on the extreme right. Photo courtesy of Jack O’Donnell.



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David Scott Spangler

History can be connective. Since I am moved by what remains, I am documenting and sharing remnants of Pacific Northwest history before they vanish forever.